Engineering starts with listening

The systematic path to success
We focus on complete solutions

Our starting point is our dialogue with you: you tell us what your component has to achieve and we deliver it, be it individual components or assemblies. Our engineering team dovetails the product property and manufacturing process so closely, creating perfectly designed cast products. And all this with maximum process reliability and efficiency in terms of time and costs.

Material selection, specification, design, calculation and damage analysis: our engineering unit's individual components build on each other, forming an integrated, self-contained system. The result is reproducible, reliable quality and continuously improved materials.

Modern materials
The basis for efficient design

Choosing the perfect material is crucial for reliable and economical castings. Our goal is therefore to develop new, ever more efficient materials while optimising existing materials at the same time. This also includes adapting the materials used to customer-specific requirements.

The mathematical path to the perfect material

State-of-the-art methods for calculating cast components and simulating the manufacturing process confirm the choice of materials. The calculation process:

  • Static, dynamic and thermal analyses
  • Mould filling and solidification
  • Internal stress and distortion
  • Shape optimization

The design
Maximum precision for
economical casting results

You benefit from the experience of our design specialists from the first draft to the finished drawing, quality scheme and specification. This means 100% perfect casting design.

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Material tables

Mechanical properties of gray cast ironMechanical properties measured on test pieces, machined from cast-on samplesMechanical properties of ductile iron castings