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Spirit of innovation
Our most important resource

Germany is the world leader when it comes to casting expertise. And as one of the world's largest hand-moulding foundries with an annual production of around 60,000 t, we are right out there in front. To make sure this remains the case, our proven experts research and develop the best materials and processes.

Ever better manufacturing processes
For applicable materials

How strong is a material, how resistant is it to vibration or heat, how resistant to cold clime or wear? How can we continue to improve these parameters and implement them metallurgically? And how can we constantly raise the bar to offer you maximum quality in terms of running performance, wear resistance and other quality criteria? These are the questions our team provides the answers to.

Another central topic of our research is process technology. One example of this is the further development and implementation of advanced ultrasound techniques. This allows the material to be characterised much more comprehensively than usual.

Our research and development partners

To give our casting expertise the broadest possible theoretical and practical basis, we work closely together with the following institutions:

Our constantly growing expertise contributes significantly to you making the right choice with our castings in all areas. In turbine and compressor construction, for wind turbines, the cement and mineral industry, in mechanical engineering or for casks for the nuclear industry.