Campaign of the SGK apprentices
World champion apprentices promote the world champion team

Krefeld, January 14, 2022

“Spreading this message” is a good thing when you are happy and satisfied with your job. The apprentices of Siempelkamp Giesserei were on this mission in January to draw attention to the apprenticeship spectrum of their employer. The convincing statement from their own experience: An apprenticeship in the world champion team is fun, interesting and opens up perspectives!

Craftsmanship meets digitalization

Our very engaged foundry apprentices visited 15 schools in Krefeld and the surrounding area in January to draw attention to the apprenticeship prospects offered by our foundry. 1,300 flyers with all the important information were distributed to students, teachers and secretaries at many different schools as secondary schools and other vocational colleges.

There are many arguments in favor of applying to the “World Champion Team”: Those who start their professional future here benefit from the high-tech training of an industrial manufactory. The production process and quality control are computer-aided, knowledge management around production is digitalized, and even in the manufacturing process itself, although many steps are still manual labor, this is becoming increasingly easier thanks to modern systems.

Speaking of craftsmanship: The junior staff of Siempelkamp Giesserei learns directly in the large production hall on concrete workpieces. “This practical orientation requires a high degree of personal responsibility, creative will, and hands-on mentality from the very beginning,” explains Managing Director Dr. Georg Geier. “In principle, our work still remains handwork despite all the automation. The basic motivation from a fascination for material and processes must be brought along by the interested parties.”

Apprenticeship with prospects in the world champion team

An apprenticeship at Siempelkamp Giesserei offers additional advantage: the company attaches great importance to taking on apprentices after they have successfully completed their training and to keeping them in the company throughout their entire professional life with their experience. With the appropriate top performance, the junior staff can therefore hope for long-term career prospects here. Good wages for varied work are also an attractive factor.

“Our company stands for great jobs, for the tradition of craftsmanship and for sustainability and securing industrial jobs in Germany. We - the management, our team, and especially our current apprentices - are looking forward to receiving new applications from apprentices who will soon strengthen our world champion team as well-trained new employees,” says Dirk Howe, also managing director of Siempelkamp Giesserei.

Interested applicants complete an aptitude test and a five-day orientation internship. The apprenticeships usually last three and a half years, but can be shortened by up to one year if good performance is achieved. “We rely on continuous feedback and support our apprentices' willingness to perform,” says training manager Eugen Müller. "This also includes paying an excellent apprenticeship salary." In the final year of their apprenticeship, our foundry mechanics specialize in specific casting processes.

After the apprenticeship, Siempelkamp Giesserei offers a “career with teaching” and enables many apprentices to continue their education to become technicians or industrial foremen.

About Siempelkamp Giesserei

Siempelkamp is a globally active group of companies with the business units Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Casting Technology, and Engineering and Service. Nearly 3,000 employees worldwide ensure that the Siempelkamp Group is represented among the world leaders with its technologies.

Siempelkamp Giesserei GmbH in Krefeld specializes in the production of hand-molded large castings of up to 320t made of cast iron with nodular graphite and is one of the largest hand-molding foundries in the world. The comprehensive and customer-oriented service package includes the entire production process from design, calculations, pattern making, molding and casting to mechanical processing as well as packaging and transport.