Personnel matter
Dirk Howe appointed to BVMW Economic Senate

Krefeld, April 20, 2021:

Dirk Howe, Managing Director of Siempelkamp Giesserei GmbH, has been appointed to the Economic Senate of the German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW) as a result of the company's successful development. Siempelkamp Giesserei, headquartered in Krefeld, is the world's largest hand-molding foundry and manufactures, among other things, structural components weighing several tons for industrial plants or supplies engine blocks for the largest cruise ships in the world. The Business Senate is the BVMW's excellence committee, to which outstanding and nationally known entrepreneurial personalities are appointed who are of particular importance for Germany as a business location.

Appointment as personal honor
and shared success

“The appointment of Dirk Howe strengthens the BVMW Economic Senate and promotes the entrepreneurial community in its function as the 'spearhead' of the overall association. We see ourselves as a regulatory corrective and work together for better economic conditions and a revival of the principles of the social market economy,” says Herbert Schulte, General Secretary North Rhine-Westphalia of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

Dirk Howe is also pleased with the decision of the Association: “I consider the appointment to the BVMW Economic Senate a great personal honor. But behind the success of Siempelkamp Giesserei are also all of our employees who contribute their part to the fact that we have been successful as a medium-sized company all over the world for many years.” Howe went on to say that he greatly appreciates “that entrepreneurs like me have the opportunity – through our work in the BVMW – to emphatically represent the interests of medium-sized companies to politics and society.”

Managing Directors Dirk Howe and Dr. Georg Geier

Focus on customer needs
and own performance

In order to secure the successful development of the company, Siempelkamp Giesserei completely reorganized in 2016 with a clear business concept. In this concept, processes were aligned with and around the needs of the customers and the company's own demands with regard to quality and performance were increased. To this end, processes throughout the company were streamlined and simplified. An important element in the business concept of Siempelkamp Giesserei is the personnel policy. The company successfully achieves the balance of being perceived as an attractive employer with fair wages and, at the same time, succeeding in the tough international competition thanks to clear cost structures.

“Essentially, we are still a medium-sized manufacturing company in an industrial guise today, providing sustainable and valuable industrial jobs in North Rhine-Westphalia and creating numerous new additional jobs in Krefeld last year alone,” says Dirk Howe. “With a strong team, we have created the basis to be successful as a technology leader from Germany on the competitive global market.” Even though hand-molded castings are not even possible without people in production, Siempelkamp Giesserei has nevertheless consistently invested in innovative technology, digitalization, and automation for years in order to reduce pressure on the employees and to be able to continue to offer high-quality components 'Made in Germany' for the world in the future.

About Siempelkamp Giesserei

Siempelkamp is a globally active group of companies with the business units Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Casting Technology, and Engineering and Service. Nearly 3,000 employees worldwide ensure that the Siempelkamp Group is represented among the world leaders with its technologies.

Siempelkamp Giesserei GmbH in Krefeld specializes in the production of hand-molded large castings of up to 320t made of cast iron with nodular graphite and is one of the largest hand-molding foundries in the world. The comprehensive and customer-oriented service package includes the entire production process from design, calculations, pattern making, molding and casting to mechanical processing as well as packaging and transport.