Casting solutions for press technology

Smashing boundaries

In figures and records as well as performance and service. By this we mean: developing sustainable solutions, continually optimising them, finding the best material and pushing the physical boundaries – all according to your specifications, your requirements, your visions. We like to go beyond the known and set new records instead: 2009 a 270 t head beam. 283 t in 2010, another head beam. 2013 finally the current record holder: a lower beam with 320 t.

Our range of service for press construction

We cover the following press construction segments:

  • Metal forming
  • Plastic injection moulding machines
  • Composite presses
  • Tile presses
  • Stone presses for the building industry


Metal forming
Real heavyweights
for every purpose

Castings with a gross weight of several tonnes, but permanently cast in exactly these dimensions. Not a contradiction but a prerequisite for outstanding results – whether this result is a casting with 20 t or 320 t. Whether it's for a sheet metal bending press, tube press or drop forging press.

Our range of castings for metal forming:

  • Foundation baseplates
  • Head, lower and running beams
  • Tool carriers
  • Cylinders
  • Pistons

Casting for press construction – a tradition at Siempelkamp, which has incidentally benefited from the synergy of the high level of technical expertise in the Siempelkamp Machine and Plant Engineering business unit and the foundry since it was founded.

Dirk Howe, Managing Director

Plastic injection moulding machines
Siempelkamp casting
makes everyday life easier

Plastic bottles, iron housing, car interior trim, there's a piece of Siempelkamp everywhere. Specifically in the plastic parts produced by plastic injection moulding machines. These in turn are used in a whole range of industries, such as medical technology, food, automotive or consumer electronics, to name just a few. And they all have one thing in common: they need reliability and a head start in casting.

We supply this for two and three-plate machines in the form of

  • Casting plates
  • Main frames and
  • Hydraulic cylinders.

Tile presses
Millions of load changes
and smooth running

One technical challenge that demands absolutely precisely manufactured cast components from us: the tile press. In this case, it is the tables and cross-beams that we supply and further develop for these presses. These cast components consist of heavy-walled ductile cast iron which is characterised by a particularly clean and fine structure. As a result, the castings can withstand continuous operation with millions of load cycles over many years without any problems.

Further information

Closed-die forging press for the Nanshan Group

With the casting of a 320 t lower press beam, which is part of a 12,500 t closed-die forging press for plant operator Nanshan in China, Siempelkamp broke its own world record on September 11, 2013.

World record casting with 320 t of molten iron

Cast components for the building materials industry

Building material suppliers play an important role for the Siempelkamp Giesserei. At the beginning of the 1980s, the foundry gained a foothold in this business segment. The start was the production of press components with a unit weight of up to 70 t for the lime sand brick industry – the status quo of which we are reporting on here!

A piece of Siempelkamp in every house