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320 tons of liquid iron for one casting
No project is too big for us

There is only one way to casting dimensions and market requirements: permanent optimisation. However, a casting with record dimensions is always particularly challenging and exciting. While our first record breaker in 1983 weighed in at 168 tons, the dimensions have now grown to a remarkable 320 tons, the current world record.

Our world record castings
Facts & figures

1983 First world record casting: 168 t frame for 4,000 t forging press
1987 188 t running beam for 15,000 t forming press
1991 195 t grinding bowl for cement plant in Indonesia
1998 260 t casting of a grinding bowl out of five ladles simultaneously
2009 270 tonnes of liquid iron are formed into a head beam for a straightening press
2010 Our own world record is beaten after just one year: 283 t head beam casting
2013 Our own world records are broken several times:
+12 July 2013: 296 tonnes of liquid iron are formed into an presstable for a closed-die forging press with 50,000 t press force
+19 July 2013: 301 t presstable casting
+11 September 2013: 320 tonnes of liquid iron solidify into a lower beam for a 12,500 t forging press – a world record casting in a new dimension
2015 Length record: cross beam casting with a length of 23.5 m weighing 120 t for a two-column milling machine with subsequent machining in the Siempelkamp machining centre

The constant development of manufacturing know-how is just as much a prerequisite for the success of such projects as years of experience and perfect teamwork. This is how we manage even the greatest challenges.

Dr. Georg Geier, Managing Director

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Closed-die forging press for the Nanshan Group

With the casting of a 320 t lower press beam, which is part of a 12,500 t closed-die forging press for plant operator Nanshan in China, Siempelkamp broke its own world record on September 11, 2013.

World record casting with 320 t of molten iron